I can provide spray-finishing for your client's  new kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities or doors (exterior and interior). Professional-grade materials are used, purchased from stores that serve the trade. I can also upgrade or change existing cabinets.

Artists and Designers


If it's part of a home renovation project or simply some old furniture, I will meet with you to discuss color, the process, materials to be used and will provide an estimated cost. For new construction, you can send me detailed specifications for me to review.


Residential Clients


For nearly 10 years, Cityshades Painting and Woodworking has provided professional wood finishing and refinishing services for families, contractors, artists and designers in the New York City metropolitan area.


If you have an idea for a project that needs fine finishing, I can assist with both the prototype and final product.

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Email: cityshadeswoodworking@gmail.com

Cityshades Painting and Woodworking

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