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Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing for the New York City Metro Area
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Restoration and Refinishing - Furniture, Cabinets, Garage Doors, Etc.

Touching-up color and finish in sections that are worn or damaged
Changing paint color or stain 
Removing dark and light stains from water, heat, rust, etc.
Removing dents, gouges, warping
Changing the sheen and/or finish
Brownstone refinishing - exterior woodwork, stair railings, wainscoting, trimwork Replacing damaged veneer

Click here for more information about cabinet restoration and refinishing!

Furniture Repair

Repairing chairs, tables, drawers, etc.
Shoring up furniture that is wobbly
Replacing damaged or worn parts
Fixing broken doors

Interior Painting Services

Priming and painting walls using color and paint of customer's choice
Repairing damaged sheetrock in walls and ceilings
Wallpaper Removal
Furniture painting

Commercial Services

For Contractors:

I provide a variety of services for building contractors including cabinet painting and finishing and touch-up/ repair of furnishings and furniture.

For Store Owners, Movers, Restaurant proprietors:

Re-gluing and repairing your old chairs, refinishing countertops and tables, interior painting.

Touch-up and repair of broken or damaged items.

For Artists:

Spray-painting solid color or faux finish backgrounds

Work is either done on premises or at my workshop in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Contact Information

Philip Green
Phone: (917)-544-5265(917)-544-5265
Workshop: Bushwick, Brooklyn
Territory: Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau County, Westchester County

Contact Information
Please fill out my contact form for information about services I provide or to set up an estimate. Remember to send pictures of the furniture you want repaired or samples of the color you want. Information is for internal use only. Thank you!
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My name is Philip Green. I grew up in Staten Island, New York and currently live in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. I studied under professional artisans at the former 3rd Ward in Brooklyn and Nl Dev Restoration in Connecticut. I know that every customer has a vision of what they want their furniture or home to look like, and I will strive to make that vision a reality.

Why should I call Cityshades?

Almost everyone has some kind of furniture. Furniture, in particular wood, undergoes changes as it ages. Parts lose their strength, finishes fade, moisture warps the wood and there can be damage from any number of sources like pets, kids, movers, etc. Luckily there are many fixes for these problems. While not every solution can bring the furniture back to the way it looked when it was brought home, often you can avoid throwing out what you have and buying something new.

I have my own transportation, brushes, and dropcloths. Work is done neatly and according to customer specifications. 

I am not running a very large business. When you call the phone number, you'll speak to me. I'll be at the estimate and will write it up as well. Specifications for each job will be written on the estimate. You'll know what I'm doing before the job starts.

Some Situations Where I Might Be Helpful

- You are in an old brownstone building with beautiful woodwork. However, the woodwork has become worn or damaged.
- The color on your cabinets has faded
- Sun and rain has destroyed the finish on your wooden garage doors
- Somebody leaned back too far on one of your dining room chairs and broke it
- Metal railings on your porch have become rusty and faded and you want to restore them
- You want to change the color of your bedroom set
- You want to change the color of your the paint in your apartment

References are available upon request, as are pictures of work I've done.

Cityshades Painting And Woodworking
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